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Fe Knight is a London born RIAA platinum selling singer/songwriter, photographer & print maker. 

Her work, emphasized by her private persona, evokes a sense of mystery, wonder & often darkness. 

Different motives carry the same delicacy, and always leaves an intriguing layer to be revealed.

She has been photographing from the age of 16, then gathered experience taking stills on set of marvel film 'kick-ass',  in her early 20s she worked as a photographer for the bbc before venturing in to music. 

Her independent music releases have been championed by the likes of MTV, Complex Magazine & Harper’s Bazaar. She has worked alongside Mario Testino to soundtrack a film for Vogue’s anniversary issue and opens French Montana’s ‘Jungle Rules’ album with her song ‘Whiskey Eyes’.

She married her photography and music by directing and filming her song ‘Daffodils of Paris’. Which Zane Lowe premiered on Apple Music.

More recently she has delved in to alternative photography process’ and  is working on  a new body of work in the dark room. 

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